Race Human, Exorcist
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Professional Status
Occupation Unemployed
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 001

Tenka Hennigquald is a main protagonist of SID, and an exorcist currently working with Si Mun Lee, Baram Kang, and Sophia Kang in the Supernatural Investigation Department of the FBI.


According to Sophia, Tenka was born to a Japanese mother and a German father. He lived in Japan up until the age of the 13, when he relocated to Germany. three years before the main story line, after finishing his college education, he moved back to Japan. Sophia also mentioned that by her knowledge, none of his relatives were psychics, and the origin of his powers are currently unknown.

At the beginning of the story line, he meet Shi Mun Lee after the latter accidently spilled coffee on his robe. Although, it was Si Mun that Tenka was looking for in Korea. He was seeking Young Ok Yoon, Si Mun's grandmother, but after finding out that both she and her son were deceased, he set his sights on finding Shi Mun in order to lessen the recent supernatural crimes that have been occurring.


Tenka's main color scheme is black and red, similar to Si Mun, albeit brighter. His hair is usually flipped at the sides, and is a fluorescent red, matching his eyes. He can be seen is many different outfits, including traditional Japanese garb, but also a black dress shirt and red tie. It's not uncommon for him to also wear orange-tinted sunglasses.


Tenka is possibly the most outspoken character in the series, constantly remarking on the inadequacies of others, particularly Baram's height. He also tends to hold grudges, and frequently calls Si Mun "stupid Korean policeman." Still, his general rapport with these two is one of friendship. His relationship with Sophia, on the other hand, is much more frigid. He doesn't think that she is a necessary part of the organization, but the grudge he holds against her is her questioning his background and motives for working with Shi Mun.

His philosophy on dealing with ghosts is also different than the rest of the main characters'. While the others believe in working with spirits to help the ascend, Tenka prefers to cut them down when they get bothersome.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

His combat abilities are noteworthy. While his main expertise seems to lie in swordsmanship, he is capable in hand-to-hand combat as well. He is not above using unconventional tactics to win, either, as evidenced when he kicked Jack in the groin.



Tenka wields a sword in battle, named Nae Jin Tang. The hilt is black, interlaced with red, and rather than a guard, a metallic serpent surrounds the first few inches of the blade. This weapon grants him the unique ability to cut objects without actually touching them. With it, he can also cut something as sturdy as an elevator door, and can even damage spirits.