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Somos is a mysterious organization and the main antagonists of the series, as well as the greatest adversaries of the Supernatural Investigation Department


Little is known about Somos' history, other than the fact that sometime before the main storyline, they existed in America, where they first clashed with the Sophia and the Supernatural Investigation Department. From there, they traveled to Korea where the body count and vengeful spirit tolls rose upon arrival. Little did they know that the Supernatural Investigation Department would follow their lead and recruit new members to combat them.

Duties & OperationsEdit

According to [[Misael], Somos "acts for the spirits." What this means is that they work to fulfill the spirits' wishes, which is predominantly for revenge. They do this by attaching supernatural butterflies to the spirit, which will increase their lust for bloodshed, as well as cause them to lose coherency and memory, and make their eyes red and even bloodied.

Notable AppearancesEdit

  • Chapter 023: in their first appearance, Somos is seen almost entirely in shadows, discussing Tenka, and Si Mun's abilities. While some of the members propose disposing of them, the masked man says that need to watch them more before they act.
  • Chapter 028: the masked man appears and tells Tenka and Si Mun that this was their last chance and they have been disqualified.
  • Chapter 029 - Chapter 030: marks Somos' first battle with the department. Jack fights Tenka and loses due to Tenka's underhanded tactics. Si Mun is offered an alliance by the masked man, to which he firmly refuses. He leaves a retaliatory warning by nearly crippling Si Mun's hand, but he and Jack leave before any real damage could be done.

Notable MembersEdit


The four unnamed members of Somos

  • Unnamed member (girl)
  • Unnamed member (boy)
  • Piang
  • Narada
  • Hyeon Ahn
  • Shaolin
  • Misael
  • Jack