Si Mun Lee
Si Mun
Race Human, Exorcist
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Black and Gray
Professional Status
Occupation Detective
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 001

Si Mun Lee is the main protagonist of SID, and an exorcist currently working with Tenka Hennigquald, Baram Kang, and Sophia Kang in the Supernatural Investigation Department of the FBI.


When Si Mun was a boy, his grandmother was a famous shaman. She deterred her grandson from watching the ceremonies she performed, fearing that she might inadvertently involve him in the dangerous world she took part in. She gave him a pouch that he was only to open if he began seeing spirits again.

After meeting Tenka, the two engaged in a fight with Ga Yeun Chae's spirit, and Si Mun opened the pouch. In it lay a Ba Juk, which his body quickly absorbed, giving him the supernatural ability to protect himself and fend off spirits. He soon met Baram Kang, and the three together joined Sophia's new Supernatural Investigation Department in order to prevent the new Somos478 cases from happening.


Si Mun's most striking feature is his bright blue eyes, a striking contrast to his raven-black hair. His shaggy hair has a definitively placed gray streak in his bangs. This streak is a determining feature which everyone, including Sophia and his department's executive director seems to recognize. Because of the formality of his job, he can often be seen wearing a dress shirt and either a red or a blue tie.


His default demeanor is rather serious. This rings true for both his professional and personal lives, which admittedly overlap. He is respectful to his coworkers and his superiors, but is also willing to push boundaries and ask the hard questions if needed.

He treats Baram like a younger brother, looking out for his well-being and advising him to stay behind during cases to keep him safe. He and Tenka, however, have a very different relationship. Si Mun told Sophia that he wasn't sure if Tenka could be trusted, but he still takes Tenka with him on cases because his power is necessary. The two often annoy and berate each other, albeit in a semi-friendly manner. While suspicious of Sophia, Si Mun respects her and sees her as somewhat of a guide in this new supernatural world.

Like Baram, Si Mun believes that the best way to deal with spirits is to help them deal with the unresolved issues that tie them to Earth. Although, during his first case he forced a spirit to ascend, he felt terribly guilty afterwards, and pledged to do right the next time.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit



Si Mun's power, absorbed from his grandmother's Ba Juk, is to generate electricity. This power is non-discriminate. That is, it effects the living and non-living the same. Although, because of the unorthodox origin of the power, Si Mun has trouble controlling it at times. The amount of electricity he can draw on varies from small shocks of static electricity to bolts resembling lightning. It has also been seen that Si Mun's eyes glow blue whenever a spirit is exercised and or passes on. Baram has speculated that he absorbs the a spirits trace through his eyes on the notion that 'the eyes are a window to the soul' and he can also make electricity shoot threw the groud.