Race Human, Exorcist
Gender Male
Eyes Yellow
Hair Blond
Professional Status
Occupation Unknown; Affiliated with Somos
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 023

Misael is apparently a high ranking member of the mysterious Somos, and has been, so far, the most prevalently antagonistic character.


Next-to-nothing is known about his background, that is, accept the fact that since his partner, Jack, calls him by the Korean honorific "hyung," signifying that he is a senior member in Somos. He also seems to have some sort of health conflict, as mid-battle, he began coughing blood.


He is a tall man, though slightly shorter than his partner, Jack. His hair is shoulder-length and blond, parted down the middle. He was seen firstly without his mask on, revealing golden-yellow eyes and pale skin. While in his first appearance, he seemed to be in perfect health, when his mask was broken in his fight with Si Mun, his eyes seemed puffy. He wears black trousers and mid-thigh-length blue jacket and a black cape, held together by a cord with blue butterflies adorned across it.


He is a man of few words, and much less confrontational than his partner. That being said, his convictions are strong. This has been proven when he "disqualified" Tenka and Si Mun upon their first encounter. And he seems to geneuinely believe that he is acting on the spirits' behalf, although he originally preferred to keep his motives under wraps of fear of others not understanding. He seems to be on good terms with Jack, but nonetheless acts as his superior, and is not above ordering him on-site.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit



It would seem that he has some connection to the butterflies, as he remarks that he wants to use Si Mun's soul to create a "piece of art" similar to his flowers or the butterflies. His primary form of attack is the creation and control of vines that he can generate from his body. The vines can also bloom flowers which can render weapons useless, and have thorns that are sharp enough to penetrate human flesh.


  • Even though he was introduced in the 23rd chapter, it was not until the 46th that his name was first used.