Chapter 048


Chapter 48
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Baram escapes his enemy's grasp using light magic, and upon gathering his thoughts, realizes that if he keeps fighting at this pace, he'll lose. But he also recognizes that his opponent, being as capable as he is, should be using more than elemental magic, and that specifically, he hasn't used any fire techniques. Baram then thinks about the properties of fire: to burn and to enlighten.

First setting up a web of gold, he then lights the chords with flames, illuminating the symbol of the Kyeoul Gae, which he then asks Tenka to destroy. Tenka's opponent tells him he can't, but he proves that he can. Afterward, Tenka takes his enemy hostage, in exchange for Baram's freedom.

Since the enemy can't understand his English or Japanese, he's at a loss and concedes, to which his released ally then comments that had they wanted to, they could've gotten free but that Tenka's broad shoulders were just too good to let go of.