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Si Mun is wondering about Jung Mi Choi's spirit, whereas Tenka blows him off by saying he's too tired to think about something so serious. Si Mun then brings up The Mysterious Man and his warning that the real battle is still coming. He and Tenka deduce that they left the imprint of Jung Mi Choi's ghost so that they might better understand the situation, in realization that Somos is watching--perhaps testing--them.

As Si Mun thinks over the case again, he suddenly jumps out of his seat, proclaiming that Jung Mi Choi not only wanted others to know how she died but that her body, which had never been recovered, is buried on the mountain that all of the crime scenes overlook.

They meet up with Baram at the foot of the mountain, with Sophia not far behind. Deciding they'd cover more ground by splitting up, Tenka initially wants to partner with Si Mun, only for Sophia to point out that with almost no spiritual power, he'd be too vulnerable and Si Mun might night be able to protect him. So Sophia and Si Mun depart as Tenka and Baram begrudgingly leave on their own.

When they come to a fork in the road, Sophia asks Si Mun which way they ought to go, citing his "sixth sense" as being highly developed. He then asks where her power comes from, to which she has no clear answer. They forage on ahead...