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Sophia brings out a small bunny doll to use as a medium for the Kang Ryung, rather than allowing KapCheoul Sung to inhabit any of their bodies. Sophia remarks that it will be difficult to call him back, as he is now in Hell, provoking Tenka to yell at her for wasting their time. Ignoring his protests, Sophia explains the rules and precautions of the ceremony. Then, with a snap of her fingers, energy is summoned around her and the form of the doll changes into KapCheoul.

She reminds KapCheoul of the time he spent in the Seoul Police Department and tells him that as a murderer, there could only be one reason to call him back; to ask him a few simple questions. Enraged, he lunges towards Sophia, only to be blocked by what was an invisible barrier, but was now glowing yellow. She explains that the soul summoned by a Kang Ryung can only move so far and that he was at his limit.

Meanwhile, Si Mun's comrades wonder about his whereabouts, as his superior, Kyung Ho Keum hears the ghost of his fallen friend, Jun Hwan Kim calling out his name. He shrugs it off as hearing things, and continues with his work.

The first question the department asks KapCheoul is his relationship to Jin Taek Park, to which KapCehoul answers that he wouldn't have lived had it not been for him. Si Mun asks about Jin's daughter, Saet Byul and if he killed her murderer. KapCheoul says that since he's dead, there's nothing to fear, so he admits to the crime. Lastly, Si Mun asks if he killed Jung Mi Choi. At first, he doesn't recognize the name, until they explain to him that she was a detective.

KapCheoul further explains that he thought of his murders as a game, and that he wanted to "beat" Jung. Sophia asks where he hid her body, but regretfully, he couldn't remember. He begins to go into detail about his joy over killing Jung when Si Mun nearly lunges at him out of anger. Sophia stops him, saying that the Kang Ryung's time is almost up.