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Continued from the last chapter, the store owner details the death of Saet Byul, explaining that KapCheoul Sung was not the one who killed her.

The story jumps back to when Saet Byul was still alive, where KapCheoul and Jin Taek Park are discussing Jin's latest case, leaving KapCheoul in awe. KapCheoul remembers that it Saet Byul's birthday that week, and Jin says that swhe has already been asking for a dollhouse. THe conversation then switches to KapCheoul's job, to which Jin comments that he would help him look for work if only he'd do it. KapCheoul then admits that without Jin, he'd be nowhere. He tells Jin that he has to go home, but adds that he would do anything for Jin, even kill.

At his house, Jin wakes Saet Byul, who asks her father to promise to be there on her birthday. He agrees, linking pinkies, and at her behest, sleeps with her.

The next morning, Saet Byul is walking home from school and bumps into KapCheoul, telling her friend that he's a good guy and she needn't worry about him. KapCheoul similarly walks by a man who is muttering and seems suspicious, but KapCheoul just shrugs it off and continues on.

The man follows Saet Byul with a knife in hand, but in her ignorance, she doens't sense the danger and she, too, just keeps walking. Jin, who realized he wouldn't be home in time for Saet Byul's brithday, is clad with dollhouse in hand to apologize. When he gets home, he sees his wife crying, muttering her daughter's name.

Later, Jin is praying at his daughter's shrine and explains to KapCheoul that he wants her murderer to experience her fate. Later still, KapCheoul meets Jin at his apartment and admits to killing Saet Byul's murderer and cutting his head off after noticing him again on the street and following him home. He also brings Saet Byul's missing arm that was apparently at the murderer's house. While at first Jin berates KapCheoul for possibly putting him under suspicion of murder, after looking at his duahgter's severed arm, he tells KapCheoul that they must keep this secret and KapCheoul agrees.