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Tenka and Baram arrive at the police station where Si Mun greets them and apologizes to Baram for implying that he was a burden the previous day. Baram says that there's nothing to worry about, but Si Mun gives him a figurine, which Tenka pokes fun at. It is then that Tenka sees Sophia, and realizes that Si Mun had an ulterior motive for calling them over.

He refuses to work with Sophia, but agrees because of her necessity in relationship to the department, as well as some subtle coercion by Si Mun. Si Mun and Sophia then proceed to explain the current known facts of the case, including the identity of the ghost, Jung Mi Choi, a detective. Then, Si Mun proposes that in order to save her spirit from Somos, they must find out how and why she died, a proposal Tenka at first doesn't understand.

In order to investigate the case fully, Si Mun reopen the KapCheol murders from 12 years prior, and Sophia presents the team with an impressive amount of files that she was able to recover from the case. Sophia then tells Si Mun that his police supervisor, Jin Taek Park was also on the KapCheoul case, much to his surprise.