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Si Mun tells Kyung Ho Keum that he is transferring to the new department, and asks him if he remembers Jun Hwan Kim and Jung Mi Choi, his comrades on the KapCheol case. This aggravates Kyung Ho enough to kick Si Mun into a nearby file cabinet, and just as he is about to throw a plasma screen at him, Kang Do stops him, and Kyung Ho walks out.

Tenka and Baram are meanwhile deciphering the imprint that Baram read at the elevator, to which Tenka infers that the ghost was a detective. He then asks Baram for his phone to call Si Mun, but Baram firmly objects.

Si Mun decides to tell Kang Do that he sees ghosts, but before he can make a proper response, Si Mun walks out and tells Sophia "it's done," before calling Baram and Tenka and tells them it's time to start investigating.