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Jun Hwan Kim further explains to Si Mun that Jung Mi Choi, the ghost, was his wife and a member of the KapCheoul investigation team until she went missing on July 15, 1998, only a day after the investigation officially began. He searched tirelessly for her for weeks, but was only able to find out that the last place she was seen was her apartment and it had been raining; two parameters that KapCheoul set in his murders. Jun was murdered by KapCheoul Sung after he admitted to killing Jung.

He then asks Si Mun if he knows where his wife is now, to which Si Mun replies that she is a target of Somos, who have convinced her spirit to perform these murders. Si Mun expresses his sorrow, but Jun reassures him that he has nothing to be sorry for, and that he was working for her spirit, a fact that contented Jun. Si Mun then pledges to save Jung.

Before he leaves, Jun tells that if Si Mun wants to know about his death, he first has to investigate Jung's death. Kyung Ho Keum then bursts through the door, and Si Mun tells him that he is transferring.