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Baram regrets going off on his own after realizing how tiresome it is to check all of the possible apartments. He then remembers that "that person" may be in Somos. Just as he begins to suggest that he may be a burden, Tenka appears and asks Baram how the meeting went after he left. They then decide to search the apartments together and Baram searches for an imprint, saying that since Somos considers themselves wish-granters for spirits, they may not have completely erased the ghost's imprint on the elevator.

Si Mun and Sophia bump into each other at the police department and she asks him if he has reconsidered joining her team, to which he replies he is still unsure. She then tells him that the transfer paperwork had already been filed just as Kyung Ho Keum walks by. Si Mun then pulls Sophia into a nearby room and as they eavesdrop on Kyung Ho's conversation, the ghost with the scar appears in front of them and then spontaneously dissapears.

Back at the apartment, Baram pulls away from the projection to reveal that one woman died in the elevator, strangled by a rope, and that she had a detective badge.