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Sophia admits that when she found out Si Mun was working with outsiders, she was weary about allowing them into the fold. While she openly accepts Baram she wonders about Tenka's heritage, saying that by her knowledge, no one in his family were psychics, and she inquires about his own skill as an exorcist. Evan tries to calm Tenka down after he begins an outburst, but Tenka continues to berate Sophia until walking out. She only remarks that he has a fiery temper.

Later, Baram says that he is willing to work with the police is Si Mun is, but Si mun is weary about joining. He then tells Baram that he doesn't want to put him in harm's way and that he shouldn't join. Baram takes this as an admission of his being a burden and says that he can do his own investigation as he leaves.

With Baram gone, Si Mun wonders about Somos and why they chose to invade Korea. Then, he begins to wonder what Sophia's power as a psychic is, and then, what his true power is. He assumed that it was inherited from his grandmother, but he never saw her use his type of powers, although he never saw much of her rituals in the first place.

He returns home to see Tenka outside his door, claiming that he didn't have a key to get in. Si Mun then wonders about Tenka's motive for sticking by him, if he has some ulterior motive. He asks Tenka outright, only provoking him to claim that Si Mun, like Sophia, thinks he's suspicious. Tenka then explains that everyone has something to hide, and for him, it's his past.