Chapter 030


Chapter 30
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Baram shivers by himself, wanting to join the fight, but realizes that he can't leave the victim alone. He then turns to see a mysterious, shadowy figure.

Si Mun denies the advances of the masked man, even after he entices Si Mun with the glory of saving souls, all the while, the blue roses continue growing all over him. Tenka warns him not to fall for the man's words, but the man extends his hand anyway. Si Mun takes his hand, only to electrocute him. He then explains that the man uses these justifications of wish-granting, while in truth having a different motive for their actions. The man's mask then shatters, and after Si Mun denies the alliance once again, vines spawn from the man's body and envelopes Si Mun. The man moves closer, saying that he wants to use Si Mun's soul to create an even more beautiful piece of art as his vines squeeze and slash Si Mun's hand, calling it a "warning."

Tenka calls for S Mun to make sure he's alright, as the muscled man punches him back, snapping him into attention. Tenka then says the only reason he got the upper hand was because of the wound on his side. Yelling for no more excuses, the muscled man lunges at Tenka, only for Tenka to kick him in the groin. The (formerly) masked man then calls to the muscled man (Jack) and tells him that they're retreating, saying that the real battle will come later.

Sophia then steps onto the roof and ask Si Mun to explain the situation to her.