Chapter 029


Chapter 29
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The masked man expresses that he is disappointed in Si Mun and Tenka, whom he assumed followed a sense of justice, only to conclude that they're just pawns. In the middle of his speech, he begins coughing blood and his teammate offers to take their enemies on. The masked man says that they're of little concern and they should leave, but Si Mun stops them, asking the group's reasoning.

At first, the masked man refuses to answer, believing that they wouldn't be able to understand, but he eventually declares that they "act for the spirits." This means that they listen and help the spirit to achieve their postmortem wishes.

He then turns and asks why Si Mun and Tenka are involved in the situation, thinking that their actions followed an already implemented plan. Tenka, sick of talking, charges them, prompting the muscled man to clash with Tenka's sword. While those two duke it out, the masked man asks if Si Mun would consider an alliance with them.