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A man is walking down the street, talking on the phone to someone who warns him about the serial murders, but he, taking pride in his black belt, nonchalantly walks into an elevator where the ghost begins materializing from.

Tenka, Si Mun, and Baram are running through the rain trying to figure out the last digits of the code as well as the ghost's motives for staying earthbound. Si Mun is admanant that she is a victim of KapCheoul, and that the digits are likely the day she died. Because the ghost broke the order of the murders, they realize that she must've been the victim in between the 5th and 6th recorded murders, and find an older apartment and the most likely building for her next strike.

Back on the elevator, it comes to a complete stop, and the man begins to struggle as the ghost reaches behind him.

The ghosts that gave Tenka the location then come and greet the three, telling them to check apartment 721. Si Mun races in with Tenka not far behind. They see that the elevator is stuck at the 5th floor and force their way in, stopping the ghost before she was able to strangle the man. The elevator door than closes them in, and Baram begins having a panic attack.