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Tenka gathers a group of ghosts to ask them if they have seen the vengeful spirit they've been following. While this seems to bear little fruit, one ghost says that they saw her in the next neighborhood. Both he and Baram go to the next neighborhood, but find little of significance, so Baram tries to call Si Mun, much to Tenka's protest.

Back at the police department, Detective Ko and Oh ask Si Mun about his conversation with Sophia, a topic he is quick to dodge. Oh then tells Si Mun that he noticed the attacks only happen in older apartment structures, between 10 and 15 years old, and in the view of the mountains. But the greatest clue he discovered was a secret code made by placing the apartment numbers in a vertical column and looking at the first row. The numbers read 19980, and excluding the 0, refers to the year of the KapCheoul murder cases.

Baram's call finally connects, but before he can say anything to Si Mun, Tenka grabs the phone and explains the information he probed from the ghost. Si Mun declares that the ghost is a victim of KapCheoul and heads out. Sophia comes in moments later, and after some prodding by the detectives, decides that it is her time, too, to step to the forefront.