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Chapter 25
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Si Mun is particularly surprised to be called by the executive director, but even more surprised to find the woman he met in the hallway earlier sitting next to him. After recognizing his recent successes, the executive director exits, allowing the woman and Si Mun their privacy to talk.

She introduces herself as Sophia Kang, and when Si Mun goes to introduce himself, she beats him to the punch, saying that both his recent case records and his unique hair have made him quite popular around the department. She then explains that Korea has been in an uproar due to all the recent murders and that she is mobilizing a task force she'd like him to take part in.

Meanwhile, Tenka asks Baram to call his father for help in looking for the ghost, leading Baram to admit that he has kept his recent work under his father's nose and that they're not on very good terms. Baram surrenders to just checking all the potential apartments, but Tenka comes up with the idea to gather ghosts and ask for their help.

Si Mun contemplates joining, but realizes that he might not have the time if their goal is just solving normal cases. He then politely declines, but Sophia tries enticing him by telling him about the elevator door that was vandalized at the last crime scene. Si Mun begins thinking that she is implicating him in the crimes, and when asked, she admits it has crossed her mind. Si Mun leaves and Sophia wonders if she pushed too hard on their first meeting.