Chapter 024


Chapter 24
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Two detectives are baffled that the perpetrator returned to the crime scene, but the situation becomes even more unbelievable when Sophia Kang arrives on the scene and announces that that she is the newest member of their team; a decision made by the executive director himself. A group of ghosts huddle around her, but as they get closer, she expels an enormous amount of energy and the ghosts almost ascend.

Si Mun is worrying that their destruction of the crime scene is complicating the other detectives' case, but Baram would rather talk about the butterfly they saw in the elevator. Si Mun speculates that the person controlling the butterflies might have been watching them. Baram tries to understand if the butterflies were inanimate or animate, and whether or not they were being controlled. Si Mun then begins to recap what they know about the case thus far.

They turn on the television and a reporter begins comparing the recent crimes to a 12-year-old serial murder case. At the police department, Si Mun realizes that the ghost is working backwards from the original murders, but the killer, KapCheoul Sung only killed women in their 20s and the ghost he saw was in her 40s. Suddenly, a ghost with a scar across his face materializes in front of him, but fades away when his comrade comes to tell him he's been summoned.