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Baram, Si Mun, and Tenka arrive at the crime scene and to prevent any disturbances, Baram places a silencing Ba Juk outside. He also explains that his Ba Juk imbues spiritual power, and differs from the ones typically used by shaman. Tenka tells Baram the identity of Si Mun's grandmother, and Baram recognizes that she was the only shaman to ever call Bari Shin, the patron and ancestor of all shaman, as well as the goddess that guides souls to the afterlife.

Baram says that after the murders, he would investigate the crime scenes, looking for projections, but they had all seemingly been erased. He also thinks that the butterfly they destroyed on the last case played a role in bringing chaos to the souls. They agree that it is somebody's goal to manipulate these spirits.

In the middle of their conversation, the ghost pulls Si Mun down the elevator shaft and Tenka and Baram race to save him.