Chapter 020


Chapter 20
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Young Woo Nam comes to visit Tae Hoon Oh in the hospital and tell him that Hyo Won Kim ascended, only for Tae Hoon to laugh in his face. Young Woo then shows him the video of the murder he recorded on his cell phone. Tae Hoon gets violent and attempts to throw a vase at him, only for Si Mun to arrive and swat it away. Tae Hoon says that there isn't enough to bring charges against him, until Si Mun reveals that their conversation was being recorded and that Tae Hoon already implicated himself beyond reprieve. Tae Hoon then curses Hyo Won, who is still tampering with his life even after death.

Later, Young Woo is in the park with Baram, who advises him not to look for the past and to fulfill Hyo Won's wish for a long life. Finally, Baram gives Young Woo his number and tell him to call him, even if it's just because he's bored.

Tenka and Si Mun are walking through the park, and Tenka happily tells Si Mun that he can no longer turn back; he's really an exorcist. As Tenka runs to find find, Si Mun sees his grandmother in front of him. Te tells her that he's okay, and her eyes well up with tears.