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Hyo Wan Kim begins regaining sanity as he stumbles off the roof, causing Young Woo to run over and save him, but he, too, falls. Si Mun follows the two, then Tenka, all four of whom are only being stabilized by Tenka's sword. That, too, slips, so Baram uses a spell to cushion their impact.

Young Woo then tearfully apologizes to Hyo Wan, to which Hyo Won only expresses that he couldn't have died; he's not ready to be judged. Young Woo asks if Baram can bring him back to life, but he cannot. Hyo Wan tells him to calm down and that he needs to get revenge on Tae Hoon, study hard, and live a long life. He tehn fades away. Young Woo turns to Si Mun and says he has something to tell him.