Chapter 018


Chapter 18
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Young Woo is blaming himself for Hyo Won's condition when he tries to race to his friend. Baram steops him just before a blast of energy erupts from (what was) Hyo Won's spirit.

Tenka asks Si Mun if he's okay just as Hyo Won's launches another attack. They are levitated in the air and Tenka suggests that Si Mun act like an exorcist and protect them. They begin to fall when Baram uses a Ba Juk to manipulate wind and guide them to the ground. It's there that they see the butterfly again.

Baram asks Si Mun if he feels anything from the butterfly, but he says that he doesn't. He then suggests that Baram use the same spell from before to get him high enough to catch the butterfly. He uses his electricity to shatter the butterfly. Tenka, who had been fighting Hyo Won, notices a difference in his opponent, and then he miraculously regains his consciousness.