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Young Woo revisits the place of Hyo Won and tearfully moarns his lost friend. He attempts to jump off the ledge, too, but Hyo WOn's spirit appears and catches him. According to him, Young Woo doesn't deserve cuch a quick death; he needs to suffer for the rest of his life. Hyo Won's maniacal laughter echoes and catches the attention of both Tenka and Si Mun.

Hyo Won asks Young Woo while he watched his death and didn't intervene. He responds by saying that he just wanted evidence of Hyo Won being bullied and had no idea what was really happening. Hyo Won then grows spikes out of his palm and charges his friend. Baram casts a spell to stop him in his tracks and yells at Young Woo that he needs to live to tell Hyo Won's story.

Turning his attention to Hyo Won, Baram asks Hyo Won if he's really capable of killing his friend. Confused, Hyo Won asks who Young Woo is. Baram then wonders why his judment abilities are so low. He tries to use a Resonance spell, but it does little more than to stall the spirit. However, in his daze, Hyo Won reaches out to a butterfly fluttering above him.

As he snaps out of it, Hyo Won once again tries to attack Baram and Young Woo. Tenka, however, intervenes and kicks Hyo WOn back with Si Mun comforts Young Woo.