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Tenka appears and Si Mun asks what he is, to which Tenka replies that they'll hatch the details out after the ghost is gone. With a slash of his sword, he was able to extinguish Ga Yeun's fire, but he then asks Si Mun to finish the job. Si Mun asks how he would be able to do that, and Tenka says that he's no normal detective, that he is an exorcist.

Ga Yeun begins to say that she is a victim, but Tenka says that her story is not of concern, that she needs to leave the living alone. She launches stones at them, but with seemingly indistinguishable movements, Tenka is able to cut every single rock. Ga Yeun tries to attack Tenka again, but Si Mun interferes and was able to create and manipulate a small amount of electricity to fend her off.

It's then that Si Mun remembers the pouch in his pocket. When he grabs it out, he can hear his grandmother's voice telling him to accept her gift. He opens it and sees a Ba Juk which slips out of his hands and gets caught in Ga Yeun's fire. He can remember his grandmother saying that it needed to be burned and once he is able to catch it, he absorbs the Ba Juk.