Chapter 005


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Hwang Sung Chae is running to the park as he remembers his daughter's death, and her spirit appears before him.

Si Mun is following Hwang Sung, and Tenka isn't far behind, asking Si Mun if he is "that," too. Si Mun looks up to see a glowing purple butterfly and follows it, recognizing that it's heading to the park.

Ga Yeun asks her father why he killed her as she begins to engulf him in flames. He claims that he was far in debt and that even tough he worked hard, he wasn't able to pay all the bills. He was being threatened, and according to him, temporarily lost his mind. While he asks for forgiveness, she retorts that she, too, is in pain and that he should forgive her for her violent actions.

She launches an attack, but Si Mun appears and tells her that her revenge will achieve nothing. He continues to tell her that her actions are wrong, but she feels that here death was an injustice and that she should be avenged. Once more, she tries to attack, but this time, Si Mun releases some electric charge from his body that is able to protect him and Hwang Sung. Ga Yeun then says that Si Mun is just like him, and she wants them both to die. Tenka then appears and asks to be let in on the action.