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Hwang Sung Chae answers Si Mun's questions, explaining that because of his commute to work, he usually only saw his family once a month, and the the next week was his time for a visit. He shows Si Mun his bus ticket showing that he came to the police station from his home. The more questions Si Mun asks, the more he realizing that Hwang Sung is avoiding them, and his bus ticket doesn't prove an alibi.

Si Mun decides to test him by asking about the private loan agency that he has taken money from and needed to pay back. Hwang Sung asks if SI Mun suspects him, and SI Mun says that all he needs to do is tell him the truth. Hwang Ssung breaks down, saying that his fmaily looked down on him, saying he was a failure for not earning enough money. He begins to plead his innocence when Ga Yeon's spirit appears above him, her blood dripping onto his forehead, asking why he's lying.

Hwang Sung runs away and Ga Yeon thanks Si Mun for helping her to find her father. She fades away and relaizes that her motive is revenge.