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Si Mun and his colleague are discussing the arson case, and they believe that because of the victim's debt, that the perpetrator's cause for action was monetarily based. The victims' father was given leave for the day of the murder, putting him in the suspect pool, especially since he was previously charged witth embezzlement. One of his other colleagues tells him that the very same man that they are suspecting will be in for an interview later on.

Si Mun silently wishes that his grandmother were there to help the ghost move on, but is determined to use his own abilities to catch the killer and hopefully give her soul peace.

Before the meeeting, Si Mun runs over all the details of the case. The victims were three women; a mother and her two daughters. The youngest, Ga Yeon Chae, had the most severe injuries and Si Mun recognizes her as the spirit. The girls were killed with a knfie before the house caught fire, presumably with a lighter found at the scene. The girls' heads were all facing away from the door, which means that their attacker must've snuck up on them and because there was no sign of forced entrance, he/she must've had a key. Ga Yeon was found only a few feet from the kitchen, menaing tht her attaccker must've been waiting for her on the other side of the wall. She was also killed last because she came home later, and the fire was set after that. because the tip of the attacker's knife had broken in the encounter with Ga Yeon's sister, he/she attacked Ga Yeon with a blunt object

Just as Si Mun begins to wonder more if Ga Yeon's father is the killer, Tenka appears before him and demands for compensation for his clothes. After some confrontation, Tenka gives Si Mun back his wallet and he pulls out the pouch given to him by his grandmother, saying he forgot he had it. It starts sizzling with electricity in his hand. Tenka strikes up a deal; in return for not excepting Si Mun's money, he could let Tenka sleep at his house, a deal Si Mun refuses. As he drags Tenka out of the station, the victims' father shows up for his interview.