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The man describes that people often sought his grandmother out, termbling with fear, and that she would tell them that ghosts come from beneath humans and that humans should gather them. She would then dance, saying that she was dancing for the people. He then explains that she was a shaman priestess.

As he is walking down the road, he wonders why he is able to see ghosts all of a sudden. He particularly remembers a ghost with a melted, burned face grabbing his shoulder, relating it to a case he just received of three female victims being burned alive. He covers his eyes, asking himself if he should go to a pyschiatrist when a ghost with bulging red eyes asks him if he can see him/her.

A man with red hair then yells at him to get off of his foot, which he had previously stepped on. Also, he blames the man for his spilling coffee on his clothes. Unfortunately, the redhaired man was speaking Japanese, and the other man couldn't understand him.

He then questions the redhaired man's citizenship status, saying that his sword among other things) makes him suspicious. The redhaired man shows him an ID and a passport, revealing his name to be Tenka Hennigquald. The other man apologizes, saying that it was his detective instinct, and tells him that if he wants his clothes to be fixed to come to the police station later. He then runs away, leaving a wallet behind, which Tenka picks up and reads that the policeman's name is Si Mun Lee.

Hwang Sun Chae is sitting in a dark room, rocking back and forth, when he gets a phone call.