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A young boy is told by his grandmother to accept a pouch, to aways keep it with him, and if he ever sees ghost again to take it out. She then apologizes to him, saying that because she cannot go out that he must suffer like an adult. After this, she tells him to forget everything he has seen that day, incklduing the many spirits flying around her shrine. He lovingly agrees.

The little boy, now all grown up, is on the phone saying that he'll be there soon.

A man with red hair says that the identity check and circulation has been confirmed, now all he needs is to start the action.

A boy with blue hair watches the news of a recent chain of murders.

A beautiful woman is talking to a director, telling him/her that she has arrived in Korea, that she will tell him the details in person, and that she'd see him/her soon.

The man with the pouch walks on, asking himself if he's jsut seeing things as spirit whirl around behind with.

All four of the character, about to begin their days, then say "Then, shall we start?"