Baram Kang
Race Human, Exorcist
Gender Male
Eyes Pink
Hair Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Supernatural Investigation Department
Occupation Exorcist, Paid Psychic
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 0
Baram Kang is a main protagonist of SID, and an exorcist currently working with Si Mun Lee, Tenka Hennigquald, and Sophia Kang in the Supernatural Investigation Department of the FBI.


Baram's parents, Ha Sung and the soon famous exorcist San Kang were both apprentice of Yeongok Yoon.[1] Baram grew from a shamanic family and able to perform exorcism using divine five elemental powers. Baram's family raised him with care, especially his mother who loved him dearly.

One day, Hyeon Ahn kidnapped young Baram to make him a 'half-god'; vengeful spirits of infants or children killed to supply divine powers for the users. Baram was trapped inside a jar without nourishment nor light, leaving him to starve. His kidnap lead her mother to be frantic, as Yeongok told them about the bad premonition from her dreams.

After a few days, Ha managed to find his location using the forbidden spells and saved him. Hyeon managed to burn the building where she hid Baram and Ha suddenly passed out from the curse. To prevent the curse spreading further on her family, she told San to escape with Baram and made him promise to protect the child on her stead. Baram escaped with his father, leaving his mother in the burning house.

This left him with claustrophobia and mutism, to the point that he was scared of making eye contact with strangers and locked himself up in his room all day until one time, he finally spoke after coming to his mother's room and saw his parents memories during the kidnapping using a projection, leaving him to cry[2]. San apologized to Baram over and over, promising himself to be a good father.



Baram stands in front of a glass door, observing a TV current news about the elevator killings.

Hesitation ChapterEdit

After the commotion on Sangmok Highschool was resolved, Simoon and Tenka leaves the school arguing while Baram stares at them, standing near a bookstore unnoticed by both. Afterwards, Baram investigates the school area using projection when suddenly a group of students came and interrupted him which leads them to be frightened away by him. Finished with his task, Baram headed out of the school where he coincidentally passed Simoon and Tenka by who came to inspect the school. Simoon then approached Baram, suspecting that he is not a student of the school, which then he merely warns Simoon to give up the case; claiming it to be something that the police could not solve.

Later that evening, Baram appeared on Youngwoo Nam who were walking home on the street. He then took Youngwoo's cellphone to search for Hyowon's death video but to no avail. He revealed that he knew about what Youngwoo did which led him to be shocked. Baram decided to add his number on Youngwoo's phone in case he wanted to contact him furthermore, then leaves the scene with terrified Youngwoo.

On that night, Baram came back to the school's rooftop, witnessing both Tenka and Simoon. Before Tenka could attack Hyowon's spirit, Baram deflected it with a light barrier and proceed to restraining Tenka's legs. Amused because of their improper exorcism attempt, he was outraged with how they tried to destroy the spirit instead of giving it proper closure. Simoon apologizes to Baram and asks for his assistance. However, Baram straightly refused him, telling them that he hated polices and warns them once again not to get involved anymore then leaves the rooftop. 

The day after, Baram received the recording of Hyowon's apparent murder from Youngwoo and replied to him, asking if he wants to apologize that night before Hyowon's exorcism.  Baram then found Hyowon on his desk and tries persuading him to stop, but he rejected Baram, claiming to prefer the deaths of his killer and Youngwoo's death. Before Baram could do anything else, Hyowon sensed Youngwoo's presence and vanished to kill him. Baram quickly arrives at the rooftop before Hyowon could stab Youngwoo and counteract him. He told Youngwoo to stay alive and reveal the truth about Hyowon's death.

Baram started to deflect Hyowon and exorcise him with resonance but failed. Before Hyowon could attack Baram and Youngwoo again, SImoon and Tenka arrived on time to defeat the ghost. Baram stood on the side, watching Tenka and Simoon fighting Hyowon when he suddenly noticed a suspicious blue butterfly. Suddenly, Youngwoo jumped out after watching the police trying to banish Hyowon but Baram restrained him and instead lose track of the butterfly. In a short while, the ghost repel Simoon and Tenka into the air but Baram succesfully prevented them from falling, using the wind spell. Simoon thanked Baram for saving him, but Baram suddenly points out the butterfly, sensing something from it. With Baram's help, Simoon destroyed the blue butterfly and Hyowon's berserk was stopped; he came back to his senses. 

Realizing he was dead, Hyowon fell from the rooftop but is held by Youngwoo. Baram materiallize a tree to maintain their fall impact. Youngwoo begged Baram to bring Hyowon back to life, but even his exorcise powers could not revive a dead soul. After Hyowon disappeared, Baram conforms the crying Youngwoo who just lost a friend. 

After the incident has been resolved, Youngwoo meets again with Baram and talked with him, which Baram told him that they could hang out again sometimes.


Baram is a middle-schooler with shoulder-length bright blue hair, that is usually either swept off to the side, or tied in a low ponytail. He can also be seen wearing a hat at times. When fighting, he wears traditional robes, but outside of the battlefield, he wears loose fitting t-shirts and shorts.


For a preteen, Baram seems unusually mature. although, he is not above making fun of his comrades, calling Si Mun and Tenka "old geezers." He seems to respect Sophia enough to call her "nuna" but calls Tenka "ahjusshi," an honorific indicating someone of much greater age. His age and height are something of sore spots. He does not like others underestimating him because of his age, nor people like Tenka berating him for his small stature.

Perhaps because of his familial background, Baram tends to speak with an heir of confidence and wisdom, a trait that Si Mun sought out to help explain his own misunderstandings about spirits and exorcists.

When dealing with spirits, he is not afraid to speak frankly and criticize more hostile ghosts for their actions. Ultimately, though, his goal is to help them peacefully ascend. As seen when he first met Si Mun and Tenka, he finds that battling spirits is disrespectful and encourages them to help solve the ghosts' resentments in order to help them. His reasoning behind this is because ghosts were once humans, too, and exorcists should show compassion.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Projections: Baram has the ability to read the imprints souls leave on their surroundings. This includes their memories, but often, one memory (usually the spirit's death) is more prevalent than the others. Because so many souls occupy a place at a time, it can often take a significant amount of time to sift through the information, but it is a skill that he has mastered.



Baram primarily utilized Ba Juk to use elemental seals, Thus far, he has used a wind spell to both safely land and levitate Si Mun, an earth spell to soften Tenka's fall from a building, and a gold spell as an offensive technique to ward of a spirit. Besides the Ba Juk, he uses an ornamental dagger with bells attached to tassels on the blade's hilt to focus his powers.


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